Frequently Asked Questions

  • General questions

      • Do you do custom work?

        Yes each piece is built to suit unless you like one we have instock

      • Do you wholesale?

        Arrangements can be made for resellers or multiple pieces.

      • Can you copy a design made by somebody else for less money?

        No. However we all appreciate aspects of other designers work and will design a piece in tribute to the work you admire. Many of our designs are influenced by vintage work from the glory days of cast iron and the industrial age.

      • Where may I see some finished work?

        There are several options available for viewing our finished work.

        OPTION 1

        • We have a small barn loft space where a few items are currently on display.  The living space is available for short term rentals but appointments can be made when necessary. 

        OPTION 2

        • Some clients are willing to showcase their pieces if we ask. 

        OPTION 3

        We also have some work on loan/display in more public settings that we appreciate:

  • Workmanship

      • Where is your metal cast?

        Metal casting is done at McCoy Foundry.   Founded in 1944, after the purchase of Copp Bros Empire Foundry,  at York and Bay Streets.  This historic company has produced cast iron product throughout the city from manhole covers to the Gore Park Fountain.  

      • Do you build everything?

        Yes! Everything is made right here in Hamilton. We source our metal from local suppliers. Although some parts might come from other areas in North America, most of it doesn't travel far. Our wood is mostly from Hamilton itself. Various demolition sites in urban and rural parts of the city keep us well supplied. Some unique material, such as OPG water control beams, come from other parts of Ontario. Our concrete tops are built by a Hamilton Artisan who is as passionate about unique quality work as we are.

      • What kind of wood and metal do you use?

        Castings are Grey Iron, a common cast iron, used in everything from manhole covers and pump housings to brake rotors and frying pans.  Fabricated parts are typically made of 1018 mild steel but we can use other materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

        We have used White and Red Oak, White and Red Pine, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, and various Maples among other species.  This wood is often salvaged from old buildings being torn down, windfall trees, tree removal companies, and even water control dams. 

  • Purchasing

      • How long does it take to get an order?

        3-5 weeks depending on availabilty of wood. Drying time in Kiln might add to that if wood is green

      • What methods of payment are available?

        E-Transfer, Cheque

      • How may I order?

        Call, meet, discuss

      • Do you have a price list?

        Yes for each line but every table is customized to suit.

We Proudly Support Hamilton Charities

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